Chef Gurkan - The River Mill Restaurant

Chef Gurkin - The River Mill Restaurant
Chef Gurkin - The River Mill Restaurant

With over 30 years of passionate food experience, chef Gurkan endlessly prepares only the finest of dishes. His infinite creativity is continuously fed by the fresh ingredients and kitchen atmosphere that he thrives within, to bring you the fine dining experience that is undeniably descript of his unique work.

The love of food brings Gurkan back to his Turkish roots, where he grew up. Before coming to Canada in 1992, he worked and studied his passion of food under and Italian family that owned three hotels in Turkey, where he also worked along side well known Italian and French chefs. Through this experience, he was able to grasp the complexity and creativity of Mediterranean foods that hold the different flavours that boast to creating the unique dishes he is now so well known for. It cultured and educated Gurkan to work with seasonal ingredients that were available, and inspired the knowledge of the best wines for curing meats, and creating fresh sauces to pair with his dishes. He has brought this wisdom to the Rivermill kitchen when creating new, and seasonal dishes with ingredients only brought by local farms. Continuously changing throughout the year, with the variations on what is available to him at the time.

Gurkan╩╝s knowledge and understanding of the ingredients he attains is undeniable, as the excitement that fills his mind fuels his imagination when it comes to preparing new flavour profiles. Knowing where his ingredients come from, and their history, provides him a foundation to be able to share and captivate everyone he serves with the rich aromas and backgrounds he has accumulated.

Let chef Gurkan tell his story through the historic flavours and creative dishes that are so uniquely characteristic to him, and The River Mill Restaurant.